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#100 | (EN) Unlocking Pump Potential with Data-Driven Decision Support | Innomotics & Sulzer

May 24, 2023 Ing. Madeleine Mickeleit Season 1 Episode 100
IoT Use Case Podcast
#100 | (EN) Unlocking Pump Potential with Data-Driven Decision Support | Innomotics & Sulzer
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English Episode

This episode is about the collaboration between the global leader in fluid engineering Sulzer and Innomotics that are now opening up a new era for large pump operations. By combining their BLUE BOX™ and SIDRIVE IQ IoT platforms and services, the two companies will deliver a new integrated solution that improves equipment reliability and reduces operating costs.

Episode 100 at a glance (and click):

  • [11:19] Challenges, potentials and status quo – This is what the use case looks like in practice
  • [23:50] Solutions, offerings and services – A look at the technologies used
  • [34:00] Results, Business Models and Best Practices – How Success is Measured

Podcast episode summary

Pump operators traditionally focus on four main business drivers: 

1.      ensuring availability and uptime

2.      enabling risk-based maintenance for reliability

3.      optimizing throughput for performance

4.      minimizing LCC and CO2 footprints for efficiency

In order to effectively shift from preventive maintenance to predictive or condition-based maintenance, it is not enough to solely focus on the pumps, as mentioned in the podcast.

A more sophisticated approach is needed, one that leverages Digital Solutions, IoT, and AI. This approach, termed by Sulzer and Innomotics as data-driven decision support, uses a digital pump monitoring and analytics platform and expert support to translate analytics findings into tangible business value for the customer.

In our jubilee episode Dr. Marc Heggemann, Head Digital Solutions Sulzer Services, gives us insights about the benefits of the partnership with Innomotics. Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels, Vice President of Digitalization & Software at Innomotics, shows us insights about the integration and exchange of data between Sulzer and Innomotics IoT platforms. 

How this cooperation contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and how you can become part of this journey - you can find out in this episode!

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